ART: Boro Art, Continued…

Big time shout out to amazing Carrboro peeps, Duncan Morgan and Meghan Truesdell, the founders and driving force behind all things “Boro”.  Their spot on High Street has been a sweet little nook for creating community and harvesting love.  Got to give them giant props for this.

They were kind enough to let my art adorn their walls for the past 6+ months.  No, I never sold any, but that’s not the point of art (in my opinion).  Lots of people saw my work and hopefully it brought them a moment of joy.  That’s enough for me.

But of course, as an artist I do enjoy it when folks like my work enough to make a purchase.  People tend to trip when I tell them to make me an offer that seems fair to them.  Maybe I am selling myself short by doing this, maybe it lessens the value of something already wildly subjective.  Who knows.  Regardless, my stuff’s for sale and the pics below show the entire collection that was represented at the Boro.  Dig it.  And let me know if you’d like a private viewing…trust me, if you want to buy one the price will be right!

Much love!

All pieces from my collection “Farewell Red-Roofed Rocket” (2012)


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