ART: Random Art in Places I Go

As many of you know, over the past few years I’ve created and hung more than 250 pieces of art in 20+ states.  I always attach some sort of note and sometimes even my contact info.  I’ve received about 20 responses from folks and all are powerful and interesting in their own way.  I’ve even made a few friends as a result.  Most folks who contact me ask WHY I do this – and the reason is simple.  It brings me joy.

I’ve hung art on restaurant walls, on trees, under over-passes, in folks’ homes and left art behind in hotel rooms, public restrooms, on motorcycle seats and various other odd places.  It’s a thrill to wonder how folks react to it – and this thrill keeps me motivated to do it.  Honestly this sort of “art showing” is more appealing to me than a gallery hanging or exhibit.

I used to do this anonymously and called myself the Art Gorilla.  Well, the name remains but I am now happy to tie it to me.  There’s no sense trying to keep a secret about something so damn cool.

On Saturday Katie and I leave for Portland.  The pics below show the ten pieces I plan to leave there.


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