Art Gorilla, Revisited

Last year I hung more than 250 pieces of randomly placed artwork using the pseudonym, Art Gorilla.  Mostly in my hometown, Carrboro, NC, but also a bunch during a road trip to Austin, TX and various other trips to New York, California and Oregon.  Most of the pieces are small and forgettable, but all have a note on the back encouraging the finder to “Take Me Home” and to contact Art Gorilla on a Facebook page (it’s a relatively inactive page, but the comments folks left there are quite interesting).  I did a series for this project on a bunch of scrap wood I nabbed from a dumpster.  I then incorporated swatches of some previously shown canvases and added a line of text.  I recorded the messages I wrote on the pieces and am glad I did.  Because as I re-read lines today I am overwhelmed by the appreciation I have for my partner, Katie.  And since love is meant to be shared, I send it to ya’ll too.  I have no idea where any of these little works of art are, but wherever they sit, they are infused with some seriously good vibes.  Scroll down for a list of what they said…


I am so not concerned about your past.
I feel hopeful.
Stop and notice what’s happening right now.
I start to feel sick when I am unhappy and stressed out.
You are the tasty middle.
Often when I look in the mirror I see my father.
Only do if doing brings joy.
Trust me, I’m not as zipped up and squared away as you think.
I once stole two books from Barnes & Noble.
I even love how you smell.
Everything seems better in my memory.
I like to write down my dreams so that later I can feel creative.
I would rather look at pictures of puppies than porn.
Sometimes I hear a song and I think it would be my perfect soundtrack.
In high school I was kind of a jerk.
I fear what I am not good at.
Just because I don’t smile doesn’t mean I am not fantastically happy.
I might not have chosen my parents to be my parents.
I’d much rather sit at home and read.
I sometimes lie to make others happy.
I want to share my memories with you.
Dinner with you is my favorite part of the day.
You are nice.
You have a beautiful voice.
Poetry is cool.
When I close my eyes I can still hear crashing waves.
The world awaits you.
Listen to birds sing.
Make eye contact.
I like to pretend that I already know.
I choose not to regret.
Don’t hesitate to give.
Sometimes I just don’t care.
When you are away I always use your pillow.
I love celery.
People make me nervous.
Sometimes I crave dysfunction.
You complete me.


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