Last time here I had the same driver. There’s no mistaking him in his long jacket and tilted flat hat. But what I remembered most were his stories.

He’s a retired mailman. He delivered in downtown Manhattan for thirty years and, according to him, had “seen it all.” Junkies shooting up in stairwells, big-time drug deals, people doing it in cars – he assured me that such things were all in a day’s work. He told me that three years ago when he moved back to North Carolina he started driving the shuttle for Enterprise Rent-A-Car. A while back, as he drove a local postman home, he bragged about his wild, Big Apple routes. He asked the rider if around here it’s as boring as it seems. The rider just shook his head and told him that just the other day he’d seen an old lady from Maine pulling weeds in her garden with no clothes on. “Can you believe that?” he asked me. “Dude said she was naked as a got-damn jaybird! These Yankee womens go crazy in the heat!”

“People are something else, aren’t they?” I added. My driver threw his head back laughing, wiped his nose back and forth with the back of his hand and said, “sheeeit man, you don’t even know! You don’t even know!”


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