Second Coming

Jesus came. To New York City this time. And as expected, the world’s media was all over it. Most folks really believed it was Him, the actual Christ. The Savior of Man and all. Polls confirmed it.

His actions and physical appearance lived up to global expectations; a soft-spoken, middle-aged white guy of average height, long hair and an ironic beard. The New York Times quoted Him saying, “I thought a generic Jesus look would go over best in New York but trust me, I’d much rather be wearing blue jeans and a flannel. But who would believe me?” Who indeed.

Just last week Jesus confirmed what many folks wondered about. He said God is God regardless of religion. Though this revelation caused an initial stir, it got old quick. Seems it wasn’t much of a surprise after all. The world’s response was essentially, “Yes…and?”

People needed something bigger than sound bytes. Front page photographs of Him in the Big Apple were cliché. The media sensed a waning interest, so it was perfect timing when Jesus, unsolicited, brought up the rapture. Though He didn’t call it the rapture. Said he disliked the word and, “it sounds too much like rupture.” Jesus called it the end of days. Folks had heard of that, even if mostly from the crappy Schwarzenegger movie. Cable news ratings skyrocketed while papers and magazines disappeared from news stands. Once again, the world was all ears.


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