Ear Hustle

On Thursday, November 13th, I went out to eat at Candle 79 in Manhattan. I was dining alone, so I was seated upstairs and away from all the action. I had the place to myself until the hostess seated former CBS news anchor Dan Rather at a table across from me. He was with a young woman, possibly a relative, and I couldn’t help but listen in on their conversation.

You know that man I told you about?
He offered to pay for my college and that’s something I want.
Of course.
But I am not good at being an asshole. I don’t want to be an asshole to anyone.
How were you an asshole?
I said no.
I was worried he wanted something else.
Maybe we’ll meet again someday.
Would that be a good idea?
Maybe I’ll have changed my mind. I’ll have another chance to say yes.

You know what my mom did for my sister?
She bought her an iPhone.
You don’t say?
I think it’s too much for a kid. Especially for someone in her situation, you know.
It might be.
But I try not to judge even though she over-does things. She over protects, too.
Well, we do the best we can.

Have you decided yet?
I think you should start with the portobello steak.
I don’t want something like that. Do you like that?
Oh yeah. That’s one big mushroom.
How about some wine?
Red or white?
Any. I like them all.


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