Walk Across America Update & Challenge

Hi Folks –

In January 2018 I am embarking on a decades-long dream journey afoot across the United States. I am starting on the Santa Monica pier in Southern California, heading west through the desert, across Texas, and then catching the Appalachian Trail northbound before finishing the 3800 (or so) miles in southern Maine. Though the route’s subject to change, it should take me 6 or 7 months to get from the Pacific to the Atlantic.

15 states, probably 6 pairs of shoes, and approximately 7,600,000 steps.

Thanks to my GoFundMe campaign and a handful of offline donations, I am currently 27% funded through 1017 miles (a distance which, from Santa Monica, happens to land me in Iraan, TX). I’ve still got a ways to go, but am pretty confident that come January, I’ll be fully funded and mentally and physically ready to knock out 25 miles/day. Taking it all in along the way.

For the next three days, I am challenging my supporters to help me raise another $1500 in donations.

And there’s a catch – from now through Sunday, August 27, anyone who donates over $100 will be immediately sent a bunny painting (like, in the mail next week and I’ll pay shipping). If the sum total of the weekend’s donations exceeds $1500, then every single donor from this weekend will also get a painting. Every bit counts! Donate HERE.

Some examples of the paintings:

So please donate what you can so you too can be a part of my huge adventure. Please also share my campaign and get more folks involved. But, if nothing else, please send me good vibes so I might safely realize this dream.

Any love is good love.

Thanks for reading. Thanks for participating!


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