Read This Book: Vacilando

Vacilando is a lighthearted and artful account of a transformative month I spent in Morocco in 2014. What started as a blog turned into a long essay, and then morphed into a compilation of vignettes amounting to a book. I self-published it because, well, that’s what we do these days.

The stories within Vacilando will make you laugh, maybe even cringe. One reader told me it made her cry. If you like feeling things, this might be a good go for you.

Each chapter starts with a relevant drawing I made in lieu of taking photographs. I find that spending time with a drawing locks in memories better than a photo ever could.

If you read it, please leave an HONEST review on Lulu. Of course I love it when my friends offer me good feedback, but I hope folks who don’t know me will read it too. So please, if you know someone who’ll appreciate it, get them a copy.

Thanks for being a part of the Vacilando experience!






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