A Donation a Day

Hi Folks –

Just a quick update on my Walk Across America campaign…

As of right now, I’ve raised $6234.04 for the 6-month journey across the USA (41% of my total goal). That’s $4904 on GoFundMe and $1330.04 from offline donations. I can’t say enough how humbled and honored I am to have 70+ people on my “team” of backers. I am so grateful.

As of today (12/9) I’ve got 24 days until I take my first steps eastward. My goal between now and then is to get one donation per day. Any amount counts – and matters tremendously!

Hopefully, come 1/2/18, I’ve hit the 50% mark of the total campaign. That way I can start the walk without worrying about finances.

So BIG THANKS in advance for your help. And hey, it’s totally cool if you can’t kick down money. I’ll take prayers ad good vibes, too. Still, I ask you to please share my story/blog with your people. Never know who might want to join up with the epic adventure!

With loads of gratitude…


Click HERE to donate online.

Click HERE to contact me directly if you’d prefer to make an offline donation.


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