EP 03 – The Gift From Art

Tom reflects on days 2 and 3 while discussing goodbyes, folks that think he is crazy, and the importance of pacing and how music plays a role in walking tempo. Additionally Tom describes the unexpected gift received from a man named Art.


  1. Art hanne

    This is art I am so glad that you were able to understand my message that I tried to present to you you know on your walk you’re going to feel the pressure and the pain as you walk just remember the pressure and the pain that men and women and children are going through on a daily basis you need to stop and smell the roses along the way to appreciate what you’re doing that’s what we have to do everyday to get through the pain and the pressure of not being able to do the things you can do know that we are walking with you on this journey so let’s have fun together when you get to the end you’re tired and weak know that people like me are there to hold you up and please when you get there look out over the ocean and say we did it thank you

    1. tagriffen

      Thank you, Art! Your words mean so much. I am fortunate to have crossed your path.

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