EP 05 – Keep Chopping Wood

Days 6 and 7 bring Tom to the Morongo Indian Reservation (well, almost). He discusses his restless first night of camping, the struggle with distracted drivers hurling down the desert roads, as well as how making a Dutch friend in an Irish hostel 16 years ago lead to meeting an Angel in Palm Springs, CA.

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  1. Happy Day Tom …Just finished listening to ‘Keep Chopping Wood’ … I was glad to hear your voice, especially since I knew you were entering into the dessert shortly …in my daily prayers I ask for the angels to keep an extra watch over you …during this adventure … and I’m thrilled that your meeting at the ‘Sonny Bono’ statue turned into a memorable memory during this journey … you are meeting some of the best ‘hand picked angels’ as you travel … it’s so fascinating to me how they are making their appearance to you …. snow blessed us today … lots and lots …. you are strong and determined … listen to your heart … make time to watch the stars …much love …

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