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Hi folks!

I am in the midst of a walk across the entire USA. Had a shaky start, was delayed with injuries resulting from extreme hydration, but I’m now nearly 1500 miles into the adventure. In fact, I am days away from the half-way mark!

I type this on May 17 while in a laundromat in Texarkana, AR. Super stoked to have Texas behind me!

And heads up – I’m altering my original route! Now, instead of heading towards the northeast from Little Rock, I’ll stay south. Planning to cross the Mississippi River at Helena, AR, then head due east across Mississippi and Alabama, veer north into Tennessee, and eventually hit North Carolina. Probably end at Topsail Beach, NC. My best guess for a completion date is July 20th. A solid 2-months from today.

I’d love it if you followed me! Knowing there are engaged people out there really adds to my excitement (and keeps me super motivated). I do a daily Instagram post, an occasional podcast, and regular Facebook updates.

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