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Hi folks!

I am in the midst of a walk across the entire USA. Had a shaky start, was delayed with injuries resulting from extreme hydration, but I’m now 3000+ miles into the adventure. As of 7/13, I am 12 days from finishing in NYC.

Per usual, I’ve made some adjustments to my route. I’ll be in Gettysburg tonight and am beelining from there to Philadelphia. From there I’ll head towards New Jersey (Sandy Hook Recreation Area) where I’ll camp for 2 nights before ferrying into New York City. On the final day of the walk, I will cross the Brooklyn Bridge and flop into the Atlantic at Coney Island.

I’d love it if you follow me! Knowing there are engaged people out there really adds to my excitement (and keeps me super motivated). I do a daily Instagram post, an occasional podcast, and regular Facebook updates.

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